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My latest article

The needs of the 21st century are not the same as those of the 20th century. Industrialisation in the 20th century required assembly-line factories where goods could be mass produced. Such manufacturing created millions of blue-collar jobs, supported the growth of a middle class, and was a primary engine of economic transformation in that age. This century, is different. As a young nation trying to figure out its career path, Kenya ought to seriously think about the changing times, and make decisions that will orient us towards the 4th industrial age as opposed to eras past. How, then, do we address the challenges of today while empowering ourselves to be able to address them in decades to come in whatever forms they arise? Kenya needs problem solvers. Thinkers. Innovators. Inventors. Entrepreneurs. Rather than spend time, money and effort on state-led, bureaucratic problem solving which is typically wasteful and ineffective, it is more useful and will yield a higher return to spend time, money, and effort on creating a population of problem solvers. Read Entrepreneurship is the answer here.